About Us

As well as supplying a wide range of dried Herbs & Spices, we also blend many Seasonings to Laycocks own recipes, as well as unique seasonings to suit the needs of individual customers.  We also manufacturer a large number of other products, such as Cures, Gravies & Coatings.

Bespoke blends created to suit your own needs & the tastes of your customers. We can tailor a Seasoning exactly to fit your production methods & batch size to help streamline production and ensure a consistent, high quality finished product.

Dried Herbs & Spices – We stock a wide range of high quality Herbs & Spices, many are available either whole, ground or rubbed. These are available in bulk or packed to suit your requirements.


Seasonings – We offer a large number of Seasonings for Sausages, Burgers, Pies, Kebabs & other products. These can be pre-packed to suit your own batch sizes & operational requirements.   As well as our own range of Seasonings, we can make up bespoke blends to customers own existing requirements or as part of your new product development. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Dehydrated Vegetables – A range of quality Dehydrated Vegetables are available.  Again these can be packed to suit your needs, or blended into bakery premixes for use in Cornish Pasties for example.


Gravy Mixes – We manufacture a number of Gravy Mixes, both to customers own & Laycocks recipes. These can be produced from a range of Starches, selected to suit your specific application.

Cures – We offer a selection of Cures, suitable for producing Hams, Bacon, Pork Pies & Saveloys. Cures for Dry Curing, Wet Curing, & Injecting are available. We would be happy to suggest a product to suit your needs.

Ingredients – We can supply a wide range of ingredients for your manufacturing requirements. Rusks, Starches, Phosphates, Soya Proteins, Marinades, Glazes, Natural & Synthetic Casings & Cooking Bags are kept in stock, ready for immediate despatch.


Long established, we are able to share our  experience in the trade with our customers, both old & new. As well as being able to produce solutions for traditional products we are also well versed in the more contemporary products & processes used in todays meat trade.

Over 95% of our goods are delivered on our own transport. This keeps us in control of distribution, ensuring products reach the end user in the best possible condition, and in a timely manner, as well as providing us with a direct link to our valued customers.Any products not despatched on our own transport are sent via a trusted next day courier who share our customer focused values.

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